Life Moments

I love writing speeches for those special moments in life that deserve recognition and words that speak to each and every guest. From wedding speeches to eulogies, the words you choose have a powerful impact and you need to make sure the tone is perfect, the sentiments are just right and the message is crafted beautifully.

So many experiences in life are milestones for your family and friends so why not make sure that the speeches for your special event match the importance of the occasion?

balloon-1046658_1280You may want help with your wedding speech, the eulogy at your family funeral, or even help with putting pen to paper with your memoirs for future generations to enjoy and cherish. You may also want help with your career and getting that perfect CV toned and polished, and ready to send out to your dream employers.

Writing is an art and it’s not for everyone. You may have the most wonderful celebration lined up but you know you need help with your speech, and you want to make a memorable impact. You may have been asked to give the eulogy at a funeral and you know what you’d like to say, but you have no idea how to put your thoughts into a fitting tribute.

“Think about what kind of message you want to make with your speech and what event your speech is for. It’s important to be genuine and thoughtful.”

Take a look at the life moments below that Warner Marketing can help you with:

  • Wedding speeches
  • CVs and career profiles
  • Funeral eulogies
  • Employee tributes
  • Anniversary speeches
  • Other celebration speeches – such as birthdays & christenings
  • Memoirs
  • Life blogs
  • Ghostwriting