Marketing Needs

All businesses need a range of marketing strategies to reach their ideal customers. My expertise includes copywriting, blogs, social media, branding, website content reviews and promotional material.

Marketing is essentially about creating relationships with and satisfying customers, and different marketing areas feed into your overall marketing strategy. For your business to be successful, you will know your customer inside out and how to engage with them for them to, in turn, talk about your business to others and spread that all important ‘word of mouth’.

Successful marketing avenues include your social media, branding, copywriting, website content, online reputation, word of mouth, promotional material, blogs, customer engagement, and these all help feed into how your business is perceived by the world. We all know reputations can be destroyed in a moment yet they can take years to cultivate.

dontforgetI usually start with asking clients several questions such as what is your niche or USP? Who is your ideal customer? What are your business goals? What are you doing already to achieve those goals?

Many businesses tell me they don’t have the time to do the marketing themselves and they can’t afford to employ someone to do it for them yet marketing is one of the single most important components of a successful business. And, it has to be constant, engaging and committed. There is no point writing a fantastic marketing strategy yet never fully realising the time to give to it.

That’s where marketing experts come in – to take the load off, to keep you on track with your business goals, and to take on the marketing aspects so that you can devote your time elsewhere. We’re also pretty good at coming up with new ideas!