Media Profiles

Getting recognised in the media can bring a whole new dimension to your business. I help companies with their media profile, writing targeted press releases and how to navigate media markets for maximum exposure.

As a forward-thinking business, you should always celebrate your achievements, news and ideas so any time there is something to talk about, you need to be recognised for it and one of the best ways to do this is engage with the media.

Whether you’re a start-up who wants media coverage to help set the right tone for your business, a company with a few years under your belt, or an established organisation that needs a change in direction to keep current, incorporating media strategy into your business goals is important. Media coverage can also help you engage with your customers.

“Recognising media markets, writing targeted press releases, and increasing relationships with journalists are essential to any business wanting to raise its profile.”

You may think that with the explosion and now permanence of social media, that press releases and media coverage have had their day but can you afford to ignore the media avenue? And, if you know how to write press releases properly your time will be spent wisely. I also help businesses with media statements and crisis management. Would you know what to do if you received any negative press? Do you know how to change the coverage around?

Another media avenue that is useful for businesses so they are able to plan their development strategy more effectively, is knowing their reputation and how that reputation can be changed or strengthened by using the media and all its resources. Opinion does influence customer engagement but by putting your story out there, you can help control what people are saying about your business.